The Fab 4, adult team winners of the 2016 Cary Scavenger Hunt

The Fab 4, adult team winners of the 2016 Cary Scavenger Hunt

Cary, NC- The 7th annual Cary Scavenger Hunt took place on Saturday, September 17th at the Page-Walker Arts & History Center. It was our biggest Hunt ever with 69 teams registered to compete on a beautiful sunny day. Read more

Cary, NC-  The Cary Scavenger Hunt is meant to be challenging. We create a book of 70 clue questions that take teams all over Cary- to businesses, parks, greenways, historic sites, public art, town facilities and entertainment venues.

The Offiical 2016 Cary Scavenger Hunt Clue Book

The Official 2016 Cary Scavenger Hunt Clue Book

Teams couldn’t answer everything. They had to strategize and use their four race hours wisely to get the most points.

In the past, teams were curious to learn the correct answers to every question they missed. This year, we decided to publish the correct answers on our website. While we have decided to post these answers, no scores will be changed, and we won’t accept any challenges to formal judge rulings. These answers are for the curious only. All scores are final.

How many points could teams score?

If a team answered every question correctly they could score as high as 13,517 points, not including bonus points. Of those, more than 25% of the questions could be found without even leaving Downtown Cary. Bonus Points could be earned several ways: through donations and visiting our sponsors. When teams donated to three area non- profit groups at morning check-in they received receipts as proof.

  1. Ten points were awarded to every food item donated to Dorcas Ministries’ Food Pantry (unlimited potential)
  2. Fifty points were awarded for each pair of white crew socks could be donated to our military through Operation Eagle (also for unlimited points)
  3. Teams could earn up to 500 points when they dropped off used electronics with Kramden Institute.
  4. If teams visited all of our sponsors (clues marked with an star *)  500 points were automatically added to their final score. In 2015, 5 teams did that.
"getaway Car' sculpture located at the Wrenn Street post office

“getaway Car’ sculpture located at the Wrenn Street post office

The Questions:

Clues 1, 2 and 3 involved the donations mentioned above. Here are the rest of the Clue Book questions and their correct answers. Maybe you’ll learn something new about Cary. If you compete with us next year, it’s possible one or two of these questions will be repeated.

  1. “Years ago this sculpture was in another station, did it “Getaway” to its new location? Have a team member climb inside and take a seat. Take their photo: it will look pretty neat. ” Teams uploaded a photo of a team member at the “Getaway Cary” sculpture at the Wrenn Street Cary Post Office. 175 pts
  1. “Dragon Boats will race on Symphony Lake today. Asian Focus brings this unique Chinese event annually to Cary. Take a photo with a boat.” Teams had to visit the Dragonboat Festival at Koka Booth Amphitheatre. Boats were on the Symphony Lake. They took a team selfie with a dragonboat in background 225 pts. This question proved to be a problem as Asian Focus was charging $5 to park and many teams skipped this one.
  1. “While you’re eating Thanksgiving turkey, this high school’s marching band will travel far. Find where they practice and take your team photo on the star.” Cary High School is performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We needed a Team Photo at the Cary High School parking lot with the painted star for 185 pts.

* 7. “Waverly Place continues to grow and evolve, find one of their three newest places is the puzzle you’ll solve. Here’s a hint: Think beauty, fitness and wellness. Take a team photo in front of just one for your points. ” The newest locations are Parlor Blow Dry Bar, Core Power Yoga and Joint Chiropractic We also accepted Delphi Fitness. 250 pts.

  1. “This farm in the west started their Agri-tourism business last fall with pumpkins, hayrides and a corn maze to test. You can see cotton getting ripe by Louis Stevens Road now I bet. Pick a bole and bring back proof of your visit”. Teams had to bring a Cotton Bole from Upchurch Farms on Louis Stevens Drive. 200 pts.
  1. “Rodney Carroll created this iconic statue in 1999 and its come to stand for Cary by and by. Go find it and take your team photo interacting with our town symbol.” Photo of team with The “C” sculpture on the Cary Chamber front lawn for 125pts
  1. “These charming quiet children sit with their dog on a bench- take a seat between them to show you’re a mensch. Then take your photo.” We wanted a photo of a Team Member sitting with the children sculpture located in Ashworth Village. 55 pts.
Statue in Ashworth Village

Statue in Ashworth Village

*11. “Part A) Carolina Orthodontics & Children’s Dentistry and Triangle Family Dentistry at Cary Park are conveniently located in the same office suite. They can serve all your dental needs from your first tooth to your last tooth and all the crowding in between! Take a team photo with the tooth fairy to prove you were there!” Team took a photo with the Tooth Fairy inside this dental Practice located at 7535 Carpenter Fire Station Road, Suite 201 for 400 pts.

*11 “Part B) Triangle Family Dentistry has a 2nd location down the road in Morrisville- make a visit and pick up a White Now! Button. Show up at the finish with your team captain wearing the button for these points. WEAR ITEM.” Must go to Morrisville location at 3607 Davis Dr #209, Morrisville (Bethany Village Shopping) and grab a button. 300pts

  1. “Rated the top public high school in NC, “Dare to Soar” with the “spirit of the falcon” on this campus. Take a team photo flapping your wings with this bird.” Teams uploaded a photo with Green Hope’s Falcon statue for 155pts
  1. “A tennis championship named for one of our sponsors takes place here today. As proof of your visit bring back an order of play”. Teams brought back  an “Order of Play” sheet from the Atlantic Tire Tennis Championships at the Cary Tennis Center for 230 pts.
  1. “Find the statue of Walter Hines Page. He was a notable scholar, author, social reformer and ambassador to Great Britain. He’s holding a book looking like a sage. What date was the book published to prove your visit was certain?” The answer can be found on his statue on Town Hall campus: 1902 for 85 pts.

*15. “Maximillians has been in Cary 25 years, and in 2016 the Hennessees bought it – everyone cheered! Come have a seat where their family’s displayed. Take your team photo to prove that you played.” Teams uploaded a photo with Hennessee family photos in the background for 250pts

  1. “A park is named for this former mayor who guided the growth of Cary including the installation of our first water treatment plant. Find the statue of this man- who is he and when did he serve?” Teams needed to know it was Fred G Bond and he served from 1971- 1983 which could all be found on a statue near the Bond Park Boathouse for 95 pts.
  1. “So many programs and events take place, this Program Guide might help you win the race. The Fall 2016 Parks Recreation & Cultural Resources Guide has it all. Find one today and you will be set for the fall.” Teams brought back these guides which can be found at numerous town locations, including Page-Walker for 50pts

18*. “Ashworth’s Drugstore is the longest continually operating drugstore in Cary. Over 60 years they’ve served Cary customers with the courtesy they deserve. Pay them a visit, come on inside to find the mannequin wearing Ashworth’s t-shirt with pride. Put your arm around him and shout HOTDOG! for your team photo.”  This mannequin was located right near the Soda Fountain for 350 pts.

  1. “Cary has 3 community centers that offer a variety of classes and activities but only one offers fencing. Have your team don masks and have a team photo taken by staff.” teams took a photo at Middle Creek Community Center for 300 pts.
  1. “Cary’s unique skate, bike and scooter park recently added a mural. Check the hours! Visit and have staff take your team photo in front of it.”  This mural is inside the Sk8 Cary office/ sales area for 120 pts.
  1. “During renovation of this downtown theater an actual piece of film was found. Name the film and the stars.” The correct answer was “Only the Valiant” starring Gregory Peck and Ward Bond and can be seen on a plaque on the stairs at The Cary Theater for 75 pts.
  1. “This converted school has lots of history. Find the plaque in The Hall that states “proud traditions” and lists all the Principals – name them. ” The Correct answer can be found in the Cary Arts Center in Principal’s Hall (on the first floor): EL Middleton, Marcus Dry, Thaddeus Frye, Earl Franklin, Paul Cooper for 175 pts.  (all or nothing)

*23. “I spy with my little eye – Cary Family Eye Care in their newly expanded location. They evaluate the entire eye for Glaucoma, Cataracts, or anything they spy. Have every team member put on a pair and snap a team photo to complete the equation.” Required a team photo wearing glasses at their location: 10110 Green Level Church Road #102, for 250 pts.

  1. “Cary’s C Tran expands ridership every year. It’s a very good service from what we hear. On Maynard and Kildaire sit many cool shelters, they have art too so you won’t swelter. Take a team photo sitting in a bus shelter with art visible. Extra points: Hold up a C-Tran BUS schedule!!!” Teams could find these shelters all over town with etched glass art to sit in and take a team photo for 200 pts. If they picked up a schedule they received 50 pts. extra. The schedules are available at many Cary locations, a shelter with art was right next to Duck Donuts.
Photo from 2015 of a team in front of Carpenter Farm Supply

Photo from 2015 of a team in front of Carpenter Farm Supply

  1. “Carpenter Farm Supply Co has been operating in Cary since 1885, and once served as the Carpenter post office. Pay them a visit and take a photo with the Company sign plainly visible ” This farm supply store is located at 1933 Morrisville Carpenter Rd and didn’t require anyone to go inside, as they were not a sponsor. (for 127 pts. )
  1. “Did you know the Catamount’s school is 10 years old this fall? Show your claws when you find the sign with the date and take your team’s photo.” The correct sign with founding date is at Panther Creek High School, located above the main entry door to the school. Plainly visible for 155 pts.

*27. “Whether you call it table tennis or ping-pong, at Triangle Table Tennis you can’t go wrong, as your team takes a table to play at the largest facility in the USA. Take a team photo playing table tennis today. ” A team photo playing ping-pong, their location is 2900 Perimeter Park Dr #200, Morrisville for 350 pts.

  1. “There’s a beach in Cary. Find it and take a photo on the shore.”  We wanted a photo of the team at Bond Lake. There’s a sandy area that is called a beach right near the Bond Park Boathouse for 125 pts.
  1. “This water tower is the coolest in town, it’s painted every year, they’re not tearing it down. Can you take a photo with the new class of 2017 shown in the background?” The Cary Water tower is across Maynard from Cary High School, with 2017 clearly visible for 100 pts.
  1. “This Community library is growing and will soon move down the road to become a Wake County Regional we are told. Use your library card today to check out a book. Then bring back your receipt for the judges to take a look.” We wanted a receipt for the checked out book which can be printed by the desk or self-checkout. Cary Library is a community-sized library located at 310 S Academy St, Cary for 90 pts.

*31 “Part A) Orangetheory Fitness uses heart-rate monitor technology to make you work hard, mixing cardio and weights right from the start. Visit them in Morrisville and take a picture with a staff member… if you can get them to stand still! Pick up your folder, it’s what you need to do, to complete this task and get credit for your clue This location is in Park West Village, 1112 Market Center Drive, Morrisville, and they were supposed to give teams a folder and then take a photo with a staff member or 200 pts.

*31 “Part B) Orangetheory Fitness’s newest location in Cary is out West where everything’s new. Find the large Splat logo and take a team photo, its what you need to do.  The splat is located at the Parkside Town Commons location 1204 Parkside Main Street,Cary for 200 pts.

31. “Bonus: If a class was going on while you were there- Take and UPLOAD a photo” for 25 pts.

Cornerstone Sculpture at West Regional Library

Cornerstone Sculpture at West Regional Library

  1. “Reading is the “Cornerstone” for so many things. Find this art at a library, and see what it brings. Roman numerals on one bench can be seen. Translate what they say, if you are so keen. ” The ANSWER was 365, located on a round bench at the entryway to West Regional Library at 4000 Louis Stephens Dr, Cary for 75pts
  1. “The game of Cricket is played here today. It’s not very far; it’s on your way. Try to meet a player to take a team photo.” Church Street Park is located at 5800 Cricket Pitch Way and games are played there all day on Saturdays.
  2. “If you are a Cary town resident you can take your trash to the Convenience Center, its evident. They’ll take even TVs that don’t work any more, pick up the Talk Trash brochure so you know the score.”  The brochure can be found at the Citizen’s Convenience Center location at 313 North Dixon Avenue, Cary for 55pts

*35. “Great Harvest Bread grinds wheat everyday in their store. Stop by to find out about the “Sah Wheat” ingredient used in their handcrafted products from bread to scones and more. Ask the clerk for a few kernels for you to bring back, its proof of you visit so please keep track!” They are located at 1220 NW Maynard Rd, Cary and gave out bagged wheat kernels for teams to bring back for 350 pts.

  1. “At this kiosk 2 Cary greenways collide – White Oak and Black Creek on the East Coast Greenway reside. Take a photo to show your pride.” We required a team photo at the Kiosk at Bond Park where White Oak and Black Creek Greenways intersect for 135 pts.

*37. “Mother always told you to eat a good breakfast”. This little spot has been open a year, did you know it? Have you been here? Find Bacon, Egg and Pancakes at The Egg & I and take your team photo. The Egg & I restaurant is located at 1104 Ledsome Ln #101 and had store mascots ready to greet our teams for 250 pts.

  1. “In a park named for a mayor this greenway does run. Tucked away in Lockmere, it’s lots of fun. Find the Eagle Scout project and take a photo.”  At Ritter Park (named for Mayor Harold Ritter), team could take a photo with Eagle Scout bat houses at trailhead, clearly labeled as such for 150pts
  1. “Our pro soccer team is in Cary for good reason. Go to the stadium, there’s games left in the season. To be sure you’re on the up and up, bring back your souvenir Railhawks cup.” Teams could bring back logo cups from WakeMed Soccer Park for 225 pts. (Unfortunately there was a snafu on this clue with an event there charging $10 for parking. While RailHawks staff insisted parking attendants knew our teams were coming, one team called us to say they could not get in.

*40. “Make the Michelin Man part of your team! You’ll find him at Atlantic Tire & Service. This year The NC Tire Industry awarded them Dealer of the Year. Find this award, now hold it up high and give us a cheer! Take your Team Photo holding award with Michelin Man.” Teams took photos holding the award near the Michelin Man cut out at Atlantic Tire located 1380 NW Maynard Rd for 350 pts.

  1. “In the children’s nature trail of this Nature Center there’s a mini scavenger hunt. Find the hidden mouse. Tell us where he lives.” We accepted answers such as: in a tree, in a hole in a tree. This was found at the Stevens Nature Center at Hemlock Bluffs for 195 pts.
Nathaniel Jones' gravestone at Hillcrest Cemetery

Nathaniel Jones’ gravestone at Hillcrest Cemetery

  1. “The Friends of Page-Walker came up with a guide so you’ll know Hillcrest Cemetery and what lies inside. The earliest burial is Nathaniel Jones. Bring a guide back and find his headstone among other famous Jones family members and take a Team Photo.”  This was a tough one! Nathaniel Jones’ gravestone is listed in the guide, but unmarked on the map. Teams needed to pick up a Guide and then walk around the cemetery to find the Jones’ family and Nathaniel’s location near spot #18. The cemetery is located off Page St in Downtown Cary for 250 pts.
  1. “This new memorial honors the victims and survivors of 2 American Eagle flights that crashed in Cary 6 years apart. Find this memorial and take a team photo.” The memorial is inside Carpenter Park, located at the intersection of Morrisville Carpenter Road and Louis Stevens Drive for 245 pts.

*44. “The Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar is a fun family place. Have a seat at the bar; they’ve saved you a space. Grab yourself an oyster and pick up a knife, they’ll put you to work, having the time of your life. Take a team photo.” Teams had fun shucking oysters at this restaurant located in Preston Corners (Corner High House and NW Cary Parkway) near La Farm Bakery for 250 pts.

  1. “Many think this high school is in Apex, but they’d be wrong. The stampede is strong in southern Cary. Find a Mustang and take a team photo” We accepted a team photo with any signage showing Middle Creek High School’s Mustang mascot for 299 pts.
  1. “Its call letters date back to the former longtime owner of the station, Durham Life Insurance Company, whose motto was “We Protect The Family.” The studio is located in Raleigh, and the transmitter tower is in Cary. Go find the transmitter and see if you can take a team photo with the station call letters in the background.” The WPTF broadcast transmitter is located on Hillsborough Street in Cary on your way to WakeMed Soccer Park on the left. Team photo for 200 pts.

*47. “The Piedmont and Carolinian come to the NC DOT Amtrak Cary Depot twice a day. Get a schedule to learn when they arrive at Platform A. Take a team photo with the train. Missed the train? Pick up a schedule and get some points.” Teams needed a team photo with train arriving/departing at 10:02am or 11:58am for full credit of 350 points. If they missed the train, Bringing back a  Schedule was awarded 100 pts.

*48. “Reply Ob/Gyn & Fertility is a new kind of Ob/Gyn Clinic. What makes Reply so unique? Come find “Ferti the Uterus” at their office and ask her why! And while you’re there, just for fun, take a team photo with Ferti and upload it to Facebook! Ask Ferti the Uterus, “What makes Reply so unique?” The answers could have been any of the following: “fertility awareness” , “cycle tracking”, “cooperative care”, or “patient education” for 250 pts.

  1. “This Pollinator Garden was just declared a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. The Cary Garden for Wildlife Program was created to bolster efforts for the Town to earn standing as a Community Wildlife Habitat. Join the effort to “make a beautiful and healthy space for the three Bs – birds, bees and butterflies”. FIND THE STONE and take a photo. ” The stone is located in the front garden near the entrance of the Page-Walker Arts & History Center (right where the event started) for 90pts

*50. “Do you like donuts to start your day? Duck Donuts are warm, delicious & made-to-order your way. Have each team member pick out their own little duck. Then take your team photo with plenty of pluck. We wanted a Team Photo holding ducks at Duck Donuts, located at 100 Wrenn Dr #101, Cary for 250 pts.

Cary's time capsule is located in the Sue Rowland Courtyard between Town Hall and the Cary Police Department buildings

Cary’s time capsule is located in the Sue Rowland Courtyard between Town Hall and the Cary Police Department buildings

  1. “On Cary’s 100th anniversary, a time capsule was buried. It will be opened 100 years hence. Find the Sue Rowland Courtyard where it’s buried and tell us what year it will be opened.” The time capsule is located in the courtyard between Town Hall and the Police Department and is clearly visible if you look for the sign naming the courtyard for Sue Rowland. The answer was 2071 for 180 pts.
  1. “Find Curvaceous Kiss by Russ RuBert in a park out west. To find it will put you all to the test. Now stand beneath it to find its secret – what does it do?” The sculpture spins. The sculpture is located at Sears Farm Park located at 5077 Sears Farm Rd, Cary for 249 pts.

*53. “The votes were cast — Chick-fil-A is still America’s most beloved fast-food chain (according to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index). So, CELEBRATE with the COW that says “Eat More Chicken”. Find her at her “home” in Waverly Place and enjoy a new, delicious “treat”. Take that team photo with this icon, enjoy your “treat” and be on your way!”  Needed a photo with the Cow, at Chick-Fil-A Waverly Place for 350 pts.

  1. “This empty house was built in 1803. It is one of only two existing examples of Board and Batten construction in Wake County. It has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. A project Downtown may cause this to move. Take a Team Photo on the Porch for 111pts.”  This is the Ivey Ellington House located on West Chatham Street.
  1. “The Waldo House is the second example of Board and Batten construction in Wake County. It was moved from its original location to become a Bridal Cottage. Find it and take your team photo.” This house is located behind the Mayton Inn on Park Street for 91 pts.
  1. “Everyone knows this famous Town mural. There’s so much history in every detail. Find the grocery store pictured within it and tell us its name if you think you can win it.” The Answer is Dennings, clearly visible on the town mural painted in the side of the Sorrell’s building, corner of Chatham and Harrison for 105 pts.
  1. “Did you know Cary has a Liberty Tree? Find Cary’s Liberty Tree Memorial. It honors the people who made America Free. Take a photo of the plaque to prove it.” This tree is clearly marked with a plaque in front of Town Hall between the Railroad Tracks and the Town Hall parking. Photo of the plaque for 150 pts.

*58. “Let the fun begin at the Mayton Inn“, Cary’s Downtown Hotel. Come in through the lobby where the decor is so lovely you’ll want to stay a spell. Find the library across from Highball, the bar. Relax on a cozy couch, it’s not very far.” Teams took photos at The Mayton Inn’s Library, located at 301 S Academy St for 250 pts.

*59. “Thrift Shop, food pantry, job training and more. Dorcas Ministries helps people in transition. It’s “Christian Community In Action” with volunteers galore. Try on clothes in the thrift shop and make an exhibition.” Teams submitted a team photo dressed up at Dorcas (located at 187 High House Rd, Cary) for 150pts

  1. “The park with 2 names is where kids of all abilities can play together. It’s their Anniversary party today. Find the landmark: KATAL the dragon and have your team photo taken with him.” The statue is on the hill in Kids Together Playground at Marla Dorrel Park at 111 Thurston Dr, Cary for 85 pts

*61. “Come bounce off the walls” in a Jumpstreet dodgeball court. Get your team together for a team photo, now be a good sport! Bonus points if you collect a coupon.” Team took a photo in a Dodgeball court at Jumpstreet by the Cary Town Center Mall for 250 pts. If they had the coupon too, they received 25 BONUS pts

62. “The Town of Cary was declared a Bronze Level Bike Friendly Town. If you are spending some time on the roads today, notice the Bike Route Signs and tell us the Bike Route number of Cary Parkway”. The  answer was Bike Route # 3 for 55pts. All teams also received a Hike & Bike map in their bags, where they could have found this answer.

  1. “Every summer, Cary Visual Art creates their Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition in Downtown. Do you think you are really in the know? Prove it by finding the Best in Show. Visit it and take a photo.”  Teams needed a photo taken with the sculpture by Jack Howard-Potter called “Larm”, which is outside Town Hall on Academy for 170 pts They all had CVA Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition brochures that listed that art as the Best in Show.

*64. “The Cary Y is a great place to get and stay fit, they have cardio equipment and classes that are really legit. Great programs designed just for teens. Leaders Club, Youth & Government, and Camp High Hopes teach what leadership means. Find the 3 signs they want you to hold that feature their mission, take your team photo standing in position.” We were looking for a Team Photo holding signs that said “Youth Development,” “Healthy Living,” and “Social Responsibility” for 250 pts

  1. “Cary’s newest Fire Station was a result of service demand growth over the last 38 years. The service area has a population of 14,371 and contains a total of 3,941 commercial and multifamily properties, more than any other service area in Town. Take a photo with a fireman at this station. ” Teams needed to visit Firestation # 2 dedicated in late 2015 located on West Chatham Street for 165 pts
  1. “This community center celebrates 25 years of serving Cary residents this year. Visit the lobby and find the timeline that was unveiled at the Lazy Daze re-dedication here! Prove you found it with a photo of your team’s celebration.” Herb Young Community Center celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a rededication during the 2016 Lazy Daze. We wanted a team photo in front of the timeline in the lobby for 125pts

*67. “Dave & Busters was founded by a guy named Dave who loved all things fun & games and a guy named Buster who loved fine food and drink. Find the Giant Crane in the Midway, take your team photo, grab your 20 for 20 coupon to come back another day!” The Giant Crane is located back by the exterior entrance of Dave & Busters on the back side of Cary Towne Center for 250pts

  1. “Cary’s newest park will be dedicated in the fall. Find the sheep and you might win it all! Hang with the herd of sheep say BAAAA! Take a photo with the sheep.” We wanted a team photo with some sheep sculptures taken at Jack Smith Park (located 9725 Penny Rd) for 300pts. The park was opened and dedicated in September.
  1. “Did you know this wonderful amphitheatre with the funny name honors a former Mayor? Find his likeness and take your team photo and shout “Thanks Koka!” The team photo should have been taken at Koka Booth Amphitheatre by the Koka Booth statue at the Cobblestone Courtyard near the main gate for 150 pts. Again, this clue proved to be a problem due to the parking situation at Booth Amphitheatre because of the Dragonboat Festival.
  1. “This new directional sign in Cary tells the way to our four Sister Cities. From the Sign, tell us the distance to Le Touquet France in kilometers.” The answer, which can be read from the Sister City Sign located on Town Hall Campus near N. Academy Street says it is 6387 km to Le Touquet France for 110 pts (photo)
This sign on Town Ahll campus (near Academy Street) clearly states the distance in kilometers from this spot in Cary to Le Touquet France

This sign on Town Ahll campus (near Academy Street) clearly states the distance in kilometers from this spot in Cary to Le Touquet France

We hope everyone had a great time at the 7th annual Cary Scavenger Hunt. We work very hard every year to improve upon the previous year’s successes. We survey our volunteers, team members and sponsors after each event and listen to their comments to seek ways to enhance everyone’s experience. 2016 had the highest number of volunteers, sponsors and attendance with 69 teams registered and 40 booth spaces booked for food and entertainment.

We will be announcing plans for 2017 soon. Stay tuned!

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Last Year's Corporate team Winners (The Real E Staters) visiting our Presenting sponsor, Doctors Express

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