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We receive a lot of questions from curious folks about our event. This year we decided to write up a quick run-down of what a team can expect on their day of adventure starting with what happens at our morning check-in.

Morning Check IN

Morning check-in takes place at Page-Walker Arts & History Center, 119 Ambassador Loop, Downtown Cary from 8:30am-9:15am. In the event of inclement weather, we move inside Cary Town Hall, next door.

At the Check-in Table:

Teams will receive a nametag to be worn at all times by the team captain. The default captain is whoever registered online at the eventbrite registration website.

The team captain will work with the judges during scoring at the finish (more on that later).

Team captain will sign a waiver.

Check-in volunteers will make sure team captain has downloaded the phone app. If not, they will walk you through downloading. All team members can have the app on their phones, as answers go to a centralized server with storage for each team. If the answer is not in the app, it will NOT receive credit.

t shirt station

Team T-Shirts

Then teams will move inside the lobby of Page-Walker to receive their team t-shirts. Please change into these to wear during the day. Each team member receives one event T-shirt. Guaranteed if they registered by Sept 1. If teams have registered as Corporate teams, they will have special company logo- shirts set aside especially for them. If teams registered late, and shirts were unavailable, they were contacted directly with this info. Some limited past years’ shirts may be available for them to wear, or other shirt options.


If teams brought donations for any of the non-profits on-site, they will drop their items off at those booths and receive credit. DO NOT LOSE these confirmations. They will be used for points at the finish. Log that you got this in the app under the appropriate question number. Make sure these confirmations are with you when you go in to the judge, or in your bags as you must produce them at the finish.

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Morning Fun

From 8:30-10:00 am there will be sponsor booths set –up, some of whom will have breakfast foods and coffee while supplies last. Some sponsors will have some other fun things for teams to experience while we await all teams to arrive.

Clue Books and Team Photo

At approximately 9:30 am, all teams will gather on the lawn in front of the Page-Walker stage for a team photo and re-iterating of the rules.Then clue books will be passed out to all TEAM CAPTAINS. Only people wearing the nametags will receive the books. ONLY 1 bag per team, 1 clue book per team. Then the race is on!

Return Time: 1:30pm.

Teams will return to Page-Walker Arts and History Center. In the event of inclement weather, we move to Cary Town Hall. Signs will be up and announcements made if this is the case. Report to Team Check-in Table as close to 1:30 as possible and queue up.

10 points will be deducted for each minute after 1:30 that the teams return. The app will not accept clue answers or uploads after 1:30pm. So head back to Page-Walker!

We can start scoring as early as 1:00 if teams wish to return early.

A volunteer will record your arrival time on the front of your book and take the books at this time.

The first 15 teams’ Captains will proceed immediately to the judging room. 11 teams will report to the judges, and 4 teams will be “On Deck”

Logging Clues

All clues require an answer or photo to be uploaded into our Cary Scavenger Hunt phone app. This must be done by 1:30pm. No answers will be accepted after that time. All teams must download the app prior to the event. Info about this is sent out separately ONLY to registered teams.

Please make sure you know how to do this before leaving on your journey. We will have a test question during the morning check-in. If there are issues with the app, we will move to scoring from the paper books if necessary.

For questions that require an item, place these in the clue bag, then log that you have collected said item in the phone app.

Make sure phones are charged, and if necessary bring along a charger for your car. Multiple phones can be used during the day, but teams must stay together.

It may be prudent to upload photos and answers from the clue sites, rather than waiting. Answers can be logged into any team member’s phone, as long as that member has the log-in password. Photos require all team members to be present.

Again ALL answers must be logged in before you check in at 1:30pm. No exceptions!


The Judging

Only 1 person per team will be allowed in our judging room. This should be the team captain, but does not have to be.

Make sure you have the following:

Team bag with any items you collected during the day. Your team phone is back up. You will not be allowed to go back outside to get anything, and your team members will not be allowed in. Be organized-it saves us all time! Make sure to bring your donation receipts to be checked.

Our Judges are Volunteers

Please note: our judges are volunteers, many of whom are town staff and elected officials, or super town volunteers. Please show them respect. All judges have received training prior to the Scavenger Hunt, and know what the correct answers are, and have been trained in the software.

Should there be a scoring dispute- please raise your hand and the Head Judge will come to your table and discuss. Sometimes something happens in the field where either a business is not prepared, or an act of nature has changed the result of a clue we previously verified. When we know of such an occurrence we will work to give credit to all teams wherever possible.

All judging results are final. Once the judge and team have completed reviewing each answer, please pick up your clue book, bag and all collected items and exit to the courtyard of Page-Walker to enjoy food, activities and raffles. 

academy st bistro

The Finish Area- It’s a Party!

Team members that are not in the judging room, and those that have completed scoring can enjoy booths that include some food and business sponsors as well as some fun activities. All of this is free and included in your registration price.

If teams have not been judged, we ask that team captains please listen for their team name to be called. We will announce teams names from the stage and then lead captains into the judging room by our volunteer runners.


Please visit our many booths onsite, as several will be collecting raffle tickets. There will be a range of prizes and we will call winners to the stage periodically to collect their items.

All raffles are free, and simply require that you fill out your contact information to be included.

Winning Announcements

Scoring should be complete by 3:00pm. There are 2 team categories: Family Teams and Adult Teams. $250 cash is awarded to first place teams. The top three teams also receive engraved trophies.

score screen- Teams photographing

Where Are the Scores Posted

Scores will be available on caryscavengerhunt.com in a post-event story published the following day. We are working to have the judges’ portal also available for teams to view after scoring has been finalized. This can be viewed from any computer or mobile device.

The Correct Answers

To find out the correct answers to the entire 2017 Cary Scavenger Hunt questions, please visit caryscavengerhunt.com on Sunday, September 17. The answers are for the curious only, and will not be used to dispute scores that have been previously finalized by our judges.

Survey Afterwards

We will be sending out a survey to all team captains within a few days of our event. Please take a moment to fill it out. We incorporate improvements that are suggested by past teams, sponsors and volunteers to help make each year an even better experience for all.

As a Registered Team you will receive an announcement about next year’s Cary Scavenger Hunt when a date is announced. Even better? We issue special discount codes to PAST team participants that are only available to those who have played with us before! Watch for these emails!!

Questions can be emailed before Sept 16 to Lindsey.chester@carycitizen.com, or texted the day of to 919-244-6463