Team with a fireman

Cary, NC- Are you curious to learn the answers to our 2017 Cary Scavenger Hunt questions?

In this post we will list all the questions we asked and the answers we sought from our teams. This is information for the curious. No scores will be adjusted, no team rankings re-figured. All scores are final and are awarded at the time of the event. Maybe you missed this year’s event, and want to have an idea of what’s required should you desire to compete in the future. Or you competed and want to learn the answers to the questions you missed.

How Questions were Scored

All teams had to download a phone app, and every answer (including if they collected items, answered questions or snapped photos at clue locations) had to be uploaded into the app. Teams even made donations to two area charities which garnered points but proof of their donation was required in the app as well. Only questions that were properly entered could be verified and scored by our judges. Missed loading a question? It could not be counted.

The List

Here is the full list of questions along with answers and point values.

First off, if a team visited every one of our 16 sponsors, they received an automatic 500 point bonus added to their score. Next, the first two questions were scored if they brought donations for two area non-profit groups:
1. Kramden Institute refurbishes used computers and laptops and donates them to kids without access at home. They accept laptops, LCD monitors, hard drives, cell phones and peripherals. Did you bring any donations this morning? LOG “GOT IT” and show judge your tax receipt for points. This was CAPPED at 500 pts and each cell phone or laptop= 100 pts, each desktop, LCD monitor, hard drive, RAM, networking equipment = 50 pts, peripherals (keyboards, mouse, flash drive, cables) = 10 pts. 

2. Dorcas Ministries operates a very successful food pantry right here in Cary. Did you drop off non-perishables today at Morning Check-in? Log “GOT IT” in the app and show the judge the receipt for points at the finish. 10 points per item. CAPPED AT 500 points

3. Did you know Cary has it’s own “Ghostbuster”? Find the horse of this name and take your team photo standing beside it. UPLOAD TEAM PHOTO 165 points
ANSWER: PHOTO of Searstone horse sculpture

4. The Green Level Baptist Church shared it’s original building- no longer standing- with the Green Level Masonic Lodge. Today the Masonic Lodge remains next door to the church. Visit the property and take a photo with the stone sign in front of the lodge. UPLOAD TEAM PHOTO  210 points
ANSWER: photo with Lodge Sign

*5. People are bouncing off the walls at Jumpstreet. Indoor fun is their specialty. Find this fun place and step inside- take your team photo at the logo to prove you were there. UPLOAD PHOTO. 300 points Grab a coupon for additional 25 points
ANSWER: Team Photo with Jumpstreet Logo visible

The helmet sculpture found at the Veteran’s Freedom park on North Harrison

6. Find the soldier’s helmet in a public place, It stands as a monument with such grace honoring those who have gone before, many who have died by fighting in a war. Take a photo to prove you visited UPLOAD PHOTO 195 points
ANSWER: Photo of Helmet statue from Veteran’s Freedom Park

7. This park is hidden in Scottish Hills, There’s a plane and a car that will give toddlers thrills. Catch a ride on one of these and take your TEAM Photo. UPLOAD PHOTO 125 points
ANSWER:Team photo of plane or car at Annie Jones Park

8. There are 2 copies of this statue around our town, They honor a former Mayor we have found. Mayor Bond sits in a park bearing his name. Where is the other of his claim to fame? LOG ANSWER in APP. 50 points
ANSWER: Inside Town Hall

* 9. Impresa Boutique moved to Cary this year, providing women of all ages fashionable wear. They love social media, that’s what we hear. Take a team photo with the logo behind the counter. Tag them on Instagram @impresaboutiquenc and/or “Check-in” on Facebook and show it to a store employee to receive a FREE gift! Then UPLOAD PHOTO to our APP. 300 points
Answer: Team Photo with the Impresa Logo visible

The plaque at the downtown Cary Post Office

10. Bet you thought this building was Historic, but it’s not. Find out who was president when our downtown post office was built. LOG ANSWER 125 points
ANSWER:Ronald Reagan

11. Can you Find Green Level High School? Its got a different name til 2019- don’t let it fool. one of the craziest WCPSS plans we’ve seen. Find the current sign and take a team photo UPLOAD PHOTO 230 points
ANSWER: Team Photo with Apex High sign

12. Things are indeed happening downtown. The New Library groundbreaking with be in the fall. Go visit the current one now and take a nostalgic look, then go to the desk and check out a book. LOG “GOT IT” IN THE APP. Show receipt to judge 75 points
ANSWER: Book receipt from Cary Library (Note: Library groundbreaking has pushed back to next year)

Team at Chikc-Fil-A Waverly Place

* 13. The votes are cast- Chick Fil A is America’s most beloved fast food chain (according to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index). So, CELEBRATE with the COW that say’s “Eat more chicken”. Find her at her home in Waverly Place and enjoy a NEW TREAT. TAKE A TEAM PHOTO with this icon, Enjoy your treat and be on your way! UPLOAD PHOTO 300 points
ANSWER: Team Photo with the Cow, either mascot, or cardboard.

14. The Downtown Park is packed with fun. The town keeps it stocked to play in the sun. Find one of the games you can play and take a photo as proof of your stay. UPLOAD TEAM PHOTO 155 points
ANSWER: Team photo either playing ping pong, foosball or bocci

15. Find a copy of Cary’s Town Seal. Take a photo. UPLOAD PHOTO 55 points
ANSWER: Photo of town seal, could be at Town Hall, a manhole cover etc.

16. The 2017 Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Guide has it all. Collect one on your journey and know what’s going on this fall. LOG GOT IT- must show judge 75 points
ANSWER: have collected the Fall 2017 Parks, Rec, Cultural Resources Program Guide

*17. Run inside City Barbeque, voted best BARBEQUE in the CITY by Cary Magazine, They’ll give each team member a rib. Take your team photo so it can be seen, that these ribs taste great, you’ll see what we mean. UPLOAD TEAM PHOTO 300 points
ANSWER: Team Photo at City Barbeque each with ribs

18. The Town incorporates public art in some very unlikely places. There are 2 gates in town created by artists. Can you name where they are? LOG ANSWERS 50 points for each
ANSWER: Koka Booth and Hemlock Bluffs have art gates

19. The town has a screened-in porch where you can sit a spell. You can even rent it out for parties we’ve heard tell. Where is this? LOG ANSWER 40 points
ANSWER: Bond Park Boat House has a screened in porch

New Eggs were placed at the tail of KATAL the dragon at Kids Together playground

20. KATAL is my name, I’m big and green. There’s something new beside me to be seen. Take a team photo to prove that you’ve been. UPLOAD TEAM PHOTO 208 points
ANSWER: Team photo with the new addition- dragon eggs by the tail of KATAL

21. Our Town Dump is very convenient. Pick up “Talk Trash” that tells you what can be recycled and what not to throw away. LOG GOT IT (must show judge) 101 points
ANSWER: Have the Talk Trash brochure from the Citizen’s Convenience Center

*22. Named for North Carolina’s state flower, the Aster Apartments have amenities that delight. From their clubhouse everything is in sight: heated pools, a dog parlor, pool and poker tables, full kitchen, coffee bar and more. Zip to the Leasing Tent for a swag bag you’ll score. Take your TEAM PHOTO at the tent holding bag. UPLOAD PHOTO 300 points
ANSWER: Team Photo holding The Aster swag bag

23. At White Oak Park there are three special courts, to play a game that’s become a popular sport. Go visit and find what is played here. UPLOAD ANSWER 195 points
ANSWER: Pickleball

24. This piece of art might be hard to get near, It has our town’s named spelled out very clear. Take a photo with your team where this art is included. UPLOAD TEAM PHOTO 201 points
ANSWER: Team Photo with Cary sculpture that is at the SAS entrance on N Harrison Ave

25. Did you know The Town has Bike & Hike Cary Mobile App? This might help you find things in a snap! Download it and log that fact for credit at the finish. LOG GOT IT ( must show a judge) 75 points
ANSWER: Show the Bike & Hike App in their phone

*26. Whole Family Chiropractic embraces The 100 Year Lifestyle principles of optimum health, longevity and wellness through the use of chiropractic and massage therapies. Visit a patient room and see their “Key to Health” poster. Find what nerve roots supply your heart. Take a team photo with the poster and tell us the answer. UPLOAD PHOTO + LOG ANSWER 300 total points for both
ANSWER: Team Photo with poster + answer: T1 & T2

Join the Parade sculpture on Town Hall campus

27. “Join the Parade” on Town Hall Campus and take your team photo. UPLOAD PHOTO 80 points
ANSWER: Team Photo with the “Join the Parade” sculptures at entrance to Town Hall

28. Name Cary’s smallest park and where it is located. LOG your 2 part answer into the APP. 102 points
ANSWER: Rose park, Downtown Cary

29. Go to the venue known for film and fun, then take a selfie with an historic sun. UPLOAD TEAM PHOTO 115 points
ANSWER: Team Photo with the sun mural upstairs in the Cary Theater

30. A piece of art made of lockers that are old, repurposed onsite, that’s what we’re told. If you can find it, please take your team photo inside it. UPLOAD PHOTO 175 points
ANSWER: Team Photo at “Wrapped to the Future” locker sculpture by Nate Key at the Cary Arts Center

31. In 1992 I was installed in a park by the Knights of Columbus to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus landing in the Americas. Find me and take my picture. UPLOAD PHOTO 125 points

ANSWER: Photo of Columbus monument in Bond Park

*32. Cary is so lucky, we have not one Y but 2. Find the sign honoring the Taylor Family for whom the Cary Y was recently renamed to honor. Then have your team form the iconic letters Y-M-C-A that’s what you’ll do. UPLOAD TEAM PHOTO 300 points
ANSWER: Team Photo forming Y-M-C-A- with the Taylor Family plaque

33. This school once had its own power plant and was known as West Cary High serving the African-American students in Town. Find the chimney that remains today and take a photo to prove you found it. UPLOAD PHOTO 160 points
ANSWER: Photo of West Cary Middle School Chimney

34. In West Cary, things are changing fast. One area, Green Level, was declared an Historic District to preserve the past. The Green Level Baptist Church cemetery is where residents have been buried for more than a century. Find the tall Mills Family marker and take a photo of it in a hurry. UPLOAD PHOTO 195 points
ANSWER: Photo of Mills Family marker

*35. At Preston Dental Loft they have a luxurious, relaxing tech-savvy approach to dentistry,Take an office tour, snap a team photo and collect some swag. For extra points, upload your photo and bring back your bag! UPLOAD PHOTO. 25+ extra points for Bag 300 points + 25 bonus
ANSWER: Team Photo in Dentist Chair, Swag bag for additional 25 points.

The “Friends” sculpture at the American Tobacco Trailhead in West Cary

36.The American Tobacco Trail is a 23 mile long rail trail built on an abandoned railroad corridor which stretches from Apex all the way to Downtown Durham. Find the newest Trailhead and take TEAM photo with one of the cool “Friends” you will find there. UPLOAD PHOTO 350 points
ANSWER: Team Photo with one of 3 sculptures in the “Friends” series at the ATT trailhead park

37. This historic home in Downtown Cary is often mistaken for a church. Find the plaque and tell us the correct name for this Gothic Revival style Board & Batten home. LOG YOUR ANSWER 95 points
ANSWER: The Ivey Ellington House

38. Cary has 8 fire stations all around town. Visit any one of them on your travels and hug a fireman and take your team photo. UPLOAD PHOTO 155 points
ANSWER:  Team Photo with a fireman

*39. Did you know there’s a full service dentist right in Downtown? Dr C. Ashley Mann Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provides general and cosmetic dentistry for the whole family. His staff has some fun for you when you visit- so step inside and UPLOAD a fun TEAM PHOTO during your visit. 300 points
ANSWER: Team Photo with fun props in Dr Ashley Mann’s Lobby

40. This Nature Preserve is really a treasure, protecting some trees has been their friends’ pleasure. Hiking trails all in the shade, bring back their trails map and have it made. LOG GOT IT in the App (must show judge) 185 points
ANSWER: Show the Hemlock Bluffs Trails map

The new Downtown Park Fountain was dedicated on June 24 of this year

41. Dedicated on June 24, 2017 Cary’s newest landmark has created a sensation. Take your team photo at this Downtown destination UPLOAD PHOTO 102 points
ANSWER: Team Photo at the Downtown Park Fountain

42. Do you know how the way to Le Touquet? The Sister City Association of Cary partners with 4 global cities for cultural exchange and this is one. Find the marker that tells the distance in miles. LOG ANSWER 91 points
ANSWER 3969 miles.

*43. Dave & Busters was founded by a guy named Dave who loved all things fun & games and a guy named Buster who loved fine food & drink. Grab your team for a wacky photo at their logo wall. UPLOAD PHOTO 300 points
ANSWER: Team Photo with Dave & Busters logo wall

44. In the recent Academy Streetscape improvements benches inspired by music were added. Find the violin that mentions Stradivarius and make a rubbing using your paper and crayon to prove you found it. Log GOT IT in the APP. (must show judge). 212 points
ANSWER: Rubbing on provided paper with the word Stradivarius visible

*45. See why the Mayton Inn is a 4 diamond hotel when you come through the front door. Give a bartender a High 5, before heading to the terrace- where the downtown fountain must be a part of your team photo. UPLOAD PHOTO 300 points
ANSWER: Photo on the Mayton Inn’s terrace where you can see the fountain visible in distance

*46. Kids love to build at Zaniac Parkside. Today you get your chance. Put your team to the test by building a circuit with littleBits! These fun electronic modules will spin or light up or make sounds. Once your circuit is complete, take your team photo of your accomplishment. UPLOAD PHOTO. 300 points
ANSWER: Team with a LittleBit they built

47. “Service above self” is what they say. Find where this hexagon is in order to play. Five clubs are represented. One is 50 years old. When was it founded? What were you told? LOG FULL DATE in APP
199 points
ANSWER: Aug.1, 1964

48. Do you like Cary’s Parks & Rec programs? Cary was named the 2016 Gold Medal Award winner for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management. The award is traveling around town this year. Find where it is today- never fear- LOG ANSWER.  245 points
ANSWER: The award is at Booth Amphitheatre 

Team at the Cary Family Eye Center

*49. At Cary Family Eye Care, you will have it “made in the shade” when your team tries on some great sunglasses as proof of your visit to this expanded optometry office. Take a team picture and UPLOAD PHOTO 300 points
ANSWER: Photo of Team wearing sunglasses at Cary Family Eye Care

50. Named for Cary’s longest serving council member, this park has Cary’s second Dog Park, a sprayground and more. We want you to climb, that’s what you’re going for. Find the 10 foot boulder and take a team photo with at least one member on it. UPLOAD PHOTO 250 points
ANSWER: Team Photo where one person is on the boulder at Jack Smith Park

51. The class of 2012 was a pretty proud bunch, these leopards gave a bench where folks could eat lunch. Find this middle school and sit on the bench for a photo. UPLOAD TEAM PHOTO  200 points
ANSWER: Team Photo with the Mills Park Bench that shows a leopard

The base of the clock on the corner of Academy and Chatham Streets that was donated by the rotary clubs in 1984

52. This symbol fell off its foundation during the Academy Street construction, but it’s back now keeping time. Cary Rotary Clubs donated it in what year? LOG ANSWER 80 points
ANSWER: 1984

*53. The Bradford is a premier mixed-use village with shopping, dining, entertainment, and luxury living. Visit Bradford’s fountain to find the three reasons why BRADFORD ROCKS. Take a photo of what you see in the water. Then LOG the answer in the APP. 300 points Grab a Bradford flyer for 25 extra points. 300 points + 25 for bonus
ANSWER: Live relax, Enjoy for 300 points, Part B have a flyer for 25 bonus points

One of the four Arts Al Fresco pieces that teams tried to find along the Black Creek Greenway

54. The Black Creek Greenway is one of a kind, 4 separate locations sport “Arts Al Fresco” you can find. Get points for each art that your team takes a photo with. EACH COUNTS as a separate clue. UPLOAD YOUR TEAM PHOTOS to the appropriate number. Points for each are recorded separately.

54a. A gallery near a tunnel – 150 points. ANSWER: Team Photo at the mosaics near Lowe’s/ Starbucks
54b. A musical group seated on a bench- 150 points ANSWER: Team Photo with Musicians at Maynard/ Chapel Hill intersection
54c. The sculptor making madonnas at a crossroads – 150 points ANSWER: Team Photo with sculpture at Maynard/ High House intersection
54d. 2 artists at work on a bridge- 200 points ANSWER: Team Photo with sculptures on bridge over RR tracks on Maynard

*55. Dorcas Ministries Food Pantry fed over 7000 of our Cary- Morrisville neighbors last year. The donations you made today will soon be on the shelves here. Stop by the Food Pantry and look in the fridge -learn about other foods on their wish list- Hold up some items you didn’t know they accept. Take a Team photo AND UPLOAD to the APP. 200 points
ANSWER: Team photo holding food items

56. This cemetery downtown has some of Cary’s local celebrities, the Friends of Page-Walker did some research on these. They made a brochure as a guide to this place, find Henry and Ethel Adams- you might win the race. Take Photo of Grave marker and UPLOAD PHOTO 205 points
ANSWER: Photo of grave marker for Henry and Ethel Adams

57. Public Art is all around us in Cary. You’ll find this one at a library. Look for a bench with 2 sets of numbers. Write them down and tell us what you think they mean. UPLOAD ANSWER. 153 points
ANSWER: Bench at West Regional Library, Says: 78 degrees 51’ 53.0” and 35 degrees 48’53.5” Its the longtitude and latitude of the library’s location

58. A US National Team plays at this Town of Cary facility. Think you know what it is? Take a photo in front of the ticket booth and tell us what NTC stands for. UPLOAD PHOTO AND LOG ANSWER 275 points.
ANSWER: Team photo at USA Baseball where you see NTC- which stands for National Training Complex.

59. Find the train conductor and check his watch- it’s right exactly 2 times a day. What does it say? LOG ANSWER IN APP. 165 points
ANSWER: 4:30

60. Years ago as Cary expanded, Planners used the PUD system to design great neighborhoods that residents demanded. Where can you find public art that includes these plans? LOG YOUR ANSWER 105 points
ANSWER:Art around the fountain

*61. The freshest of meats and local produce in store at the Butchers Market you’ll be tempted galore! Try on the set of butcher’s coats they have for you and take your team photo. UPLOAD PHOTO to the APP. 300 points

On social media? tag @butchersmarket with the photo while in the store. Show to staff or manager and receive a store bonus.
ANSWER: Team Photo in coats at the Butcher’s Market

62. In a park out west, you’ve surely guessed, we like public art to put you to the test. This kinetic sculpture which includes the artist’s name can be found, in brushed aluminum on the ground. What’s the artist’s last name? LOG ANSWER 195 points
ANSWER: Rubert

63.Our art center has so many old lockers as part of the decor. Find them here on every floor. Don’t count the new ones or the art, just the old ones for this part. LOG ANSWER.  235 points
ANSWER: 156 (I personally counted these more than one time.)

64. Go Cary is the new name of our award-winning transit system founded in 2005 and formerly known as CTran. It also provides door-to-door service for seniors and the disabled. Find a GoCary schedule today LOG “Got IT” and show to judge. 50 points
ANSWER: Have the Go Cary Map schedule

65. This high school’s motto has a torch and a book. Find the historic marker and give it a look. What are the Latin words? LOG THE ANSWER in your App. 110 points ANSWER: Cognito Vincit

The historic marker near Cary High School

Those were the 65 questions that our teams tried to find during the 8th annual Cary Scavenger Hunt which was held on Saturday, September 16, 2017.  Each year CaryCitizen comes up with a set of questions that takes teams to all corners of our fair town, highlighting new additions , little known facts, public art, local businesses, parks and greenways. Its a day of hilarity and team building unlike any other race or contest you are likely to ever take part in. Teams of 2-6 people can compete. No one really needs to be a Cary expert. As you can see, many clues have some very big hints in them!

Until next year!