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About the Hunt

The Cary Scavenger Hunt is an all-day competition that tests your knowledge of Cary history, food, business, arts and much more.

The next Cary Scavenger Hunt is planned for Spring 2019.

Latest News

The Winners of the 2017 Cary Scavenger Hunt

Cary, NC – The Cary Scavenger Hunt took place this past Saturday, September 16, 2017, beginning and ending at the Page-Walker Arts & History Center. 67 teams registered to take part in this year’s fun. This was the event’s eighth…

The 2017 Hunt Answers

Cary, NC- Are you curious to learn the answers to our 2017 Cary Scavenger Hunt questions? In this post we will list all the questions we asked and the answers we sought from our teams. This is information for the curious. No scores will…

Our Team

Cary, NC – The Cary Scavenger Hunt is just a few days away! The adventure takes place THIS Saturday, September 16, 2017, beginning at the historic Page-Walker Hotel. We at CaryCitizen would like you to meet some of the folks that make this…

The Cary Scavenger Hunt Gives Back!

Cary, NC – CaryCitizen is proud to present one of Cary’s signature events, the Cary Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, September 16, 2017. Did you know there’s a giving element to the event? CaryCitizen has partnered with Dorcas Ministries…
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