It’s back! The 5th Annual Cary Scavenger Hunt!

Cary, NC- For the fifth year in a row, CaryCitizen brings to town the Cary Scavenger Hunt, to be held on Saturday, September 13 at the historic Page-Walker Arts & History Center.

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The Cary Scavenger Hunt Returns To Page-Walker in 2014

Photo of 2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt by Brooke Meyer

Cary, NC- While everyone in Cary has been enjoying a wicked winter, CaryCitizen has been working quietly behind the scenes to build the 2014 Cary Scavenger Hunt. Read more

2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt Official Scores

Morning photo at Page-Walker before the teams took off
Morning photo at Page-Walker before the teams took off

Cary, NC- Last Saturday amid forecasts of thunder showers and a last minute switch of afternoon venues, teams competed to be declared the winners of the 4th annual Cary Scavenger Hunt. After an adventure that took 52 teams throughout the 54 square miles of our town, including non-contiguous areas, the exhausted competitors came back to Town Hall and a warm party reception. Food, Beer (that’s right!) and plenty of entertainment awaited our heroes as the scores were tallied and the winners were finally announced at 3:00pm by CaryCitizen publisher Hal Goodtree. There was even a Last Place trophy awarded to the team who scored the overall lowest points of the day.


Team Epic, the Adult Team winners
Team Epic, the Adult Team winners

Our Winners

In the Adult Category: “Team Epic”, who has played with us before, won first place with a score of 9000 points even.

CaryCitizen publisher announces the family Team winners, the Lucky Lucases
CaryCitizen publisher announces the family Team winners, the Lucky Lucases

Our Family Team winners were the “Lucky Lucases” also a team who has competed in the past, who scored 8490.

Our last place team, was Team Smith, who we believe we have seen playing previously as well. What does that prove? “If at first you don’t succeed, Try Try Again- or take home a different kind of trophy”.

Team Smith with the official lowest score won a trophy too
Team Smith with the official lowest score won a trophy too

We heard fun tales from our sponsors, who told us teams came prepared for fun on their visits. At Town Hall everyone enjoyed a brew from soon-to-open Fortnight Brewery, and had some samples from Another Broken Egg, Great h=Harvest Bread, Tijuana Flats and Smoothie King. Teams were entertained by the daring-do of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, the Concert Singers of Cary and the ever popular Superskippers. Child IDs’ were made by NY Life, tumbling was learned from Little Gym, kids could even learn some yoga from Open Arts or make & take a craft from the Cary Creative Center. Three teams even test drove the new 4 door 500L FIAT for the day. Adventures all around.

Now what everyone has been waiting for: (drumroll please) The overall scores from our teams! From a total possible score of  10,877 points,  here’s how our teams performed:

The Scores

Family Teams

  1. Lucky Lucases: 8490
  2. Waverly Hillbillies: 8344
  3. Moores-R-Us: 8254
  4. Family Fun 44: 8034
  5. The End of the rainbow: 7972
  6. Team Ziggy: 7715
  7. The Fireman& His Pink Flamingoes: 7242
  8. Mac Knapp-7045
  9. Foernzler- 6755
  10. Knick Knacks: 6669
  11. Just The Girls: 6430
  12. Starfleet: 6339
  13. Adventure Owls: 6155
  14. Scaramouche: 6059
  15. The Winners: 5874
  16. Pteradactyls: 5814
  17. Team Rowe: 5770
  18. Dad’s birthday Crew: 5444
  19. White Lightening: 5360
  20. The Wyatts: 5025
  21. Team Reyes: 4475
  22. TGK: 4329
  23. Cozy Corners: 4230
  24. Cary’d Away: 4170
  25. The Neck Flabs: 3785
  26. Angry Birds: 3240
  27. Team Smith: 2120 (Our Last Place Team)

Teams that did not finish: Village Idiots and Flamingo Monkeys

Adult Teams

  1. Team Epic- 9000
  2. Riddle E Racers- 7848
  3. Farm Girls- 7714
  4. Pederson A Team- 7580
  5. Cary On- 7550
  6. Pig Me- 6775
  7. Keep Calm & Carry On- 6105
  8. In It To Win It- 5965
  9. Team Thomas- 5745
  10. Team Schwartz- 5265
  11. Purpletts- 5160
  12. Penn Staters- 5050
  13. Chris’ Clue Crew- 4975
  14. BAMT- 4904
  15. J-PAC- 4277
  16. Whovians- 4230
  17. Team Buckeye- 3455
  18. Popham Crew- 3130
  19. All Wrapped Up Parties- 2835

Teams without scores: The Growlers, Farm Girls

We will begin planning next year’s event within the next few weeks and plan to make some early announcements as the details unfold. I have heard it’s a good idea to read CaryCitizen (subscribe for free daily emails) and check our facebook page periodically. Oh yeah, and listen up when we announce our sponsors they are generally important folks for points.

Photos by Brooke Meyer for CaryCitizen

judgeroom B-cropped

2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt: The Biggest Clue

2013 cary scavenger hunt

Cary, NC – Do you want to know the biggest hint to winning the 2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt? Read on.

The Biggest Clue

So, you want the biggest clue to the 2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt? The one that will let you rack up some major points? Here it is:

Pay attention to the sponsors.


We have hinted around about this before. Our sponsors play a BIG role during our event.


Sure, they may have a booth at the event and hand out some samples to our hungry teams. They have all  hung up our posters and handed out fliers. Maybe they even put our event in their email newsletters. But did you know that clues about their businesses are buried within our clue book?

Sponsors are in integral part of the event.  Most clues found in our clue book are about Cary trivia, history, public art, event venues and little known facts. But sponsors are really important. Over 20 clues this year will let you meet Cary-owned businesses. These folks help make Cary unique. Many participate in numerous other community events as some of our town’s chief cheerleaders.

Worth The Most Points

Here’s another hint: Our sponsors are worth a lot of points.

We couldn’t have the event without them, therefore we reward these businesses for their community spirit.

If teams travel to every single sponsor and bring back the clues, we will award them over 5000 points! Maybe next year we will come up with a Sponsor Bonus for the team that does just that!

Do Your Research Now

Look them up, find out where they are located and you may get on jump on winning.

Of course you won’t know what the questions are, but at least you will have an idea where to go.

The questions may require you to take a team photo. Or bring back an item. Or find an answer about these businesses. All to prove you paid them a visit.

2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt Sponsors

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of these fine businesses for their support of the 2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt.

The Town of Cary, our hosting sponsor, without whose help we would not be at the historical and lovely Page-Walker for our event start and finish.

Atlantic Tire and Service, who graciously offered to be our presenting sponsor, and is involved throughout Cary in many community building events.

All of our Platinum sponsors who have stepped up in a big way to help:  Ashworth Drugs , Bright HorizonsChick Fil A of Waverly Place  , Casto Development (Stone Creek & Park West Shopping), Glenaire  and Great Harvest Bread Co, Cary.

Our Gold level sponsors bring variety to our event and include fitness centers, a winery, restaurants schools catering and more:  Carolina Auto Spa , Cary Family Y, Cary Family Eye Care, Cat Clinic of Cary, Chatham Hill Winery, Fid’addle Fitness, Garden Supply, Legacy Academy, The Matthews House, Parkway SleepHealth, Thai Spices & Sushi, Tijuana Flats , Triangle Aquatic Center, Yes! Solar Solutions

And last but surely not least our Silver sponsors , each who have been involved with us in the past: Cary Creative Center, Cornerstone PediatricsCRC- The Disaster Relief Experts, Dorcas Ministries, Triangle Food Tour, Whole Foods of Cary.

As diverse as this group of Cary businesses is, they all have one thing in common: a desire to connect with our wonderful Cary Community. Find out a little about each of them and be prepared to have a great time at the 2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt! A little homework could make you a winner!


2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt
Saturday Sept 21, 2013
Page-Walker Arts & History Center, 119 Ambassador Loop, Downtown Cary

  • Check in at 9am, Hunt starts at 9:30am
  • Teams return to be judged at 1:30pm
  • Winners announced around 3pm

Register NOW.

Keep up with the event and get more clue hints on

Cary Scavenger Hunt: Here Come the (Celebrity) Judges!

cary scavenger judges

Cary, NC-  Some of the most iconic leaders in Cary will be on our panel of judges for the 2014 Cary Scavenger Hunt. Thank you, judges!

Cary Scavenger Hunt – Connecting People

CaryCitizen likes to connect people in the community. Our Cary Scavenger Hunt is our biggest example of how we do that in a very real and physical way through an event that brings people, places and businesses together all in one fun-filled day.

All teams are judged by some of Cary’s famous town leaders. These include the Town Council members, a State Legislator, presidents and directors of some of Cary’s most iconic institutions.

Be on your best behavior! Teams may get hot under the collar as they present their answers to our clues, and they will be judged by these wonderful town leaders. You wouldn’t want to get on their bad side, would you?

Our Esteemed Judges

Chief Judge –  Joy Pike, former Chairperson, Heart of Cary Association.


  • Doc Thorne – Past president, Heart of Cary Association
  • Kris Carmichael – Supervisor, Page-Walker Arts & History Center
  • Peggy Van Scoyac – Cary historian
  • Ed Yerha – At-Large Member, Cary Town Council
  • Becky Colwell – Manager, Koka Booth Amphitheatre
  • Lyman Collins – Cultural Arts Manager, Town Of Cary
  • Jack Smith, Town Council District C representative
  • Tom Murry – Representative, North Carolina State Legislature, District 41
  • Preeti Waas – Executive Chef of the Matthews House
  • Ralph Ashworth – Owner of Daphne’s Hallmark and Ashworth Drugs
  • Rachel Baranski – Director, Applause! Cary Youth Theatre
  • Susanne Portanova – House Manager, Cary Arts Center
  • Howard Manning – Executive Director, Dorcas Ministries
  • Mary Davis Wallace – Executive Director, Cary Visual Art
  • Eleanor Thorne – Businesswoman, member of Cary’s Technology Task Force
  • Steve Thorne – Businessman, lifelong Cary resident
  • Denise Russo – Heart of Cary Association

Now’s your chance to test your knowledge and have fun building some connections to the town we all love. Whether you’ve lived here your whole life, or you moved in last year, you will learn something about Cary on Sept 21- we guarantee it!

There’s less than 1 week to register for the fun.

Event info

4th Annual Cary Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, Sept 21, 2013
starts and finishes at historic Page-Walker Arts & History Center
119 Ambassador Loop
Downtown Cary, NC

Check in at 9am. All teams must return to Page-Walker by 1:30 pm. Winners announced approximately 3 pm.

Register Now

Trophies Full of Cash!

Cary, NC- We are counting down to this year’s Cary Scavenger Hunt, slated for Sat Sept 21. We decided to add a new twist. A trophy full of cash for each winning team!

Who couldn’t use a little extra dough in their pocket? Rather than a trip that means more work for you to arrange, or gift cards to places you will never visit, this year our teams will to be rewarded for their efforts with good old-fashioned, cold hard cash!

Not a debit card, not a bunch of gift cards- but cool dollars filling the top of our new fabulous Cary Scavenger Hunt trophies!

Each winning team: Adult Team and Family Team will win the trophy and its contents.

Not to be left out: the team achieving the LOWEST score will also win a trophy and a prize.

The idea of a trophy is new this year. Sizable and heavy, we created these beauties with Downtown merchant Creative Images. They make trophies of all shapes and sizes for area teams. Your team can display it proudly- maybe on your mantel. We plan to make our trophies a new Scavenger Hunt tradition. We are looking forward to the photo opportunities when our winners hoist these in the air.

So what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to register!

Click here to sign-up today!


Only 4 Weeks Til The Scavenger Hunt!

Cary, NC- You gotta be in it to win it! The Cary Scavenger Hunt is just 4 weeks away and that means, its time to register and guarantee that your team will be wearing our fun event t-shirts while competing!  We are dropping hints on our facebook page– look there and you may have several answers ready before you even have a cluebook in hand!

Cheaper than a Movie Date

Registration costs only $49.99 per team of 4 people. You won’t need to spend ANY  additional money that day, unless you need to fill up your tank. The day includes your lunch, prizes, t-shirts, and lots of memories and a fun festival at the finish area. It’s cheaper than sending your family to the movies! And more memorable! Can you even tell me the last movie you saw and what the plot was?

You will learn all about Cary and yourselves during the day.

What you should know: Even if you think you don’t have enough points to win, the day is filled with fun, and there is a prize for our team with the absolute LOWEST score! Winners will receive trophies and prizes which this year includes CASH!

Its a Party

The day begins at 9 at the Page-Walker when you check in, and all teams must return by 1:30 to have their scores tallied. At the finish we have a party planned with food, crafts and entertainment. If you’re hungry, Tijuana Flats, Another Broken Egg, Smoothie King, Chick Fil A Waverly and Great Harvest Bread Co will feed you. Tired? We’ve scheduled performances by the International Ballet Academy, Concert Singers of Cary, Tiger Rock Martial Arts and the Cary Y Superskippers to help you chill out. The Cary Creative Center will be working on crafts with the kids. Our winners will be announced around 3:00.

SO What are you waiting for? Check out the event website and sign up today- you could still be entered to drive a FIAT for the day and save yourselves a tankful of gas! Register before September 9 to guarantee that everyone on your team gets to wear one of our great event T shirts!

Register for the 2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt here

Event Info

  • Sat September 21
  • Page Walker Arts and History Center
  • 119 Ambassador Loop, Downtown Cary
  • Check In at 9:00am, finish by 3:00 pm
  • Price $49.99/ team all inclusive


Your Team Could Drive a FIAT for the Day!

Cary Scavenger Hunt -  Fiat 500LCary, NC- The Cary Scavenger Hunt is one month away and we’ve got another trick up our sleeves to make the day super exciting for our teams! How about test driving the new 4 Door FIAT 500L?

If you register your team before Labor Day, Monday Sept 2, you are automatically entered in our drawing to drive one of FIAT’s newest four-door models all day, compliments of Hendrick FIAT of Cary. CaryCitizen will notify our four teams via email on Sept 3.

Hendrick will make sure the car has a full tank and you can hop in and out of this stylish Italian car for the day.

FIAT kids

Your team captain must be 21 or over and possess a valid driver’s license and proper (full coverage including collision) auto insurance. When you check in at 9 am on Saturday September 21st at Page-Walker, the driver will fill out the necessary paper work and off your team will go!

The new FIAT 500L (L as in LARGER, LONGER, LUXURIOUS) can comfortably seat 4 adults, and fifth if they are small. The car is sporty and being touted as an Urban Utility Vehicle to compete in the US with the Mini Cooper’s Countryman and the Kia Soul.

Recent Reviews

USA Today reviewed the 2014 500L in July and had this to say about this zippy model with excellent fuel economy:

We observed fuel economy of about 26 mpg (the EPA rates it at 25 city/33 highway/28 combined). Acceleration was brisk, even when passing on the highway, thanks to that Abarth engine. The six-speed manual was both responsive and comfortable, with easy throws. And did we mention how much fun it was to drive?

Syncs Up Phone and Navigation

As you search around Cary for clues, wouldn’t it be great to have a built-in navigation system and your phone hooked up? All models come equipped with in-dash navigation and bluetooth smart phone capabilities.

The reviewer says “It’s easy to sync it with a phone for music and calls, and navigation proved straightforward. There’s even a feature that tells you when you’re going over the speed limit, which came in handy during our tests. “

We certainly don’t want our teams getting speeding citations during our event!

Better Than Your MiniVan

Maybe you still have kids that need hauling with a fair amount of “junk”. This car will make you look cool like no minivan ever will. Want to try it for yourself- for a whole day? Register now for the Cary Scavenger Hunt and get out on the road in something cool.

Sign up before Sept 2, Labor Day, and you could be one of four teams that turns heads all around Cary on Saturday September 21 as you compete in the 4th annual Cary Scavenger Hunt.

Cary Scavenger Hunt Info

Cary Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, Sept 21, 2013
check in starts at 9am , event finishes at 3pm

Page-Walker Arts And History Center
119 Ambassador Loop
Cary, NC 27513

Sign up by Sept 2 to be eligible to drive a FIAT 500L.

Sign up by Sept 9 to guarantee a t-shirt.


The Cary Scavenger Hunt is created and produced by CaryCitizen, hosted by the Town of Cary and presented by Atlantic Tire.

This Year’s Strategy

cary scavenger huntCary , NC – As the Cary Scavenger Hunt draws near, we’re spending a great deal of time mapping out the town creating intriguing or puzzling clues.Each year, our teams amaze us with how many locations they manage to find and how high they score. Get a hint on this year’s strategy and 10% off registration through July 31.

Each Year We Change Strategies

Every year we revise our Cary Scavenger Hunt strategy and try to make the race tougher.

The first year we gave our 31 teams 6 hours to find 56 clues. But the winning teams found everything! We decided that 6 hours was too long, and reduced the time to 4 hours. The second year it was was 101 degrees and the winners managed again to find everything in four hours. Year three, we increased the overall number of clues to 60.

Our family team last year, conquered it all with a winning score of over 2000 points!

Cary Scavenger Hunt 2013 Strategy

This year’s strategy could be called “four corners.” 70 clues will literally take you to the 4 corners of Cary.

Our town has a far western edge that’s in Chatham County – we’ve got clues out there. We have a very far eastern side off Hillsborough Street, the hunt will take you out there. Harrison Avenue heads North to Umstead Park- you’ll go there too. Go way to the south and you’ll find several winning clues there as well.

Remember: the farther the clue, the more valuable the points. Teams will strategize to figure out how they can get the most points quickly.

Here’s a clue that will get you to a new location in town, one you just might think is in Apex:

 Many people think Cary has only 3 public high schools.  Can you name the 4th? Visit the home of the Mustangs and take a photo to prove it.  This clue will be worth 325 points!

cary scavenger hunt

Do a little research and see if you know where you can find the Mustangs. Then drive over there and see if you can find a mustang to prove you were there! You could be on your way to winning….

Sponsors Are Important in the Hunt Too

Our sponsors also play an important role in the Cary Scavenger Hunt. Without them, the Hunt couldn’t take place. Pay attention to these guys, cause you may earn some points along the way.

We’d also like to thank some additional businesses who have come on board to be our event sponsors since our first event announcement:

10% off Ends July 31

There’s only a few days left of special July pricing on our team registration. Form your team today and we’ll see you Saturday September 21, 2013 at the Historic Page-Walker Arts & History Center in Cary.

More info

Cary Scavenger Hunt: 10% Off in July

cary scavenger huntCary, NC – The 4th Annual Cary Scavenger Hunt is coming on Saturday, September 21, 2013. Here are some highlights and hints about this iconic Cary event, plus a 10% discount for registration in July.

2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt

As in scavenger hunts past, you’ll drive around town solving clues about places, people and things in Cary. You’ll collect souvenirs and amass points. The teams (Family and Adult) with the most points get prizes.

But everyone’s a winner, because the Cary Scavenger Hunt is really about an adventure in your own backyard.

Different Location Every Year

The first year we have held the Hunt at Koka Booth Amphitheatre to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

The second year we gave our teams a sneak peek of The Cary Arts Center before its official grand opening.

Last year we brought our crowd to the new Waverly Place  as new tenants were just starting to fill the space.

This September, we will base operations at the Historic Page-Walker Arts & History Center, thanks to our hosting sponsor, the Town of Cary and presenting sponsor Atlantic Tire.

For more history of the event, visit

Drive a New Fiat for a Day

One of our favorite twists that was added in year two was our partnership with Hendrick FIAT of the Cary Auto Mall. This will be the third year that they allow 4 teams to drive all day in four of their brand new cars. This year they have a new 4 door model (but we will tell you more on that in another post).

Stay tuned and we’ll tell you how to drive a new Fiat on the 2013 Hunt.

Be Efficient! From Start to Finish

The day starts with check-in at the site, when teams receive their T-Shirts. You wear these while zooming around town. Bags containing our official cluebooks are dispersed to everyone at once, and teams take off at 9:30am.

Clue questions will literally take everyone to the four corners of Cary. A good map, GPS, smart phone or laptop is helpful to make the best use of time. All teams return to Page-Walker by 1:30pm.


Strategy is Part of the Game

On average we have included 60 clues each year. Some clues are near each other, and most demand an efficient idea of where you are in Cary so that you move quickly from area to area.

Cary Scavenger Hunt clues are all worth different points. Places that are far away are worth more points. Clues that are close together have less point values, but are easier to collect.

10% Off in July

More than a dozen teams have already signed up for the September 21st event.

Last month, we gave 20% off for early birds. This month, we’re giving 10% off. In August and September, there will be no discounts.

Visit the Cary Scavenger Hunt registration page for more details.