This Year’s Strategy

cary scavenger huntCary , NC – As the Cary Scavenger Hunt draws near, we’re spending a great deal of time mapping out the town creating intriguing or puzzling clues.Each year, our teams amaze us with how many locations they manage to find and how high they score. Get a hint on this year’s strategy and 10% off registration through July 31.

Each Year We Change Strategies

Every year we revise our Cary Scavenger Hunt strategy and try to make the race tougher.

The first year we gave our 31 teams 6 hours to find 56 clues. But the winning teams found everything! We decided that 6 hours was too long, and reduced the time to 4 hours. The second year it was was 101 degrees and the winners managed again to find everything in four hours. Year three, we increased the overall number of clues to 60.

Our family team last year, conquered it all with a winning score of over 2000 points!

Cary Scavenger Hunt 2013 Strategy

This year’s strategy could be called “four corners.” 70 clues will literally take you to the 4 corners of Cary.

Our town has a far western edge that’s in Chatham County – we’ve got clues out there. We have a very far eastern side off Hillsborough Street, the hunt will take you out there. Harrison Avenue heads North to Umstead Park- you’ll go there too. Go way to the south and you’ll find several winning clues there as well.

Remember: the farther the clue, the more valuable the points. Teams will strategize to figure out how they can get the most points quickly.

Here’s a clue that will get you to a new location in town, one you just might think is in Apex:

 Many people think Cary has only 3 public high schools.  Can you name the 4th? Visit the home of the Mustangs and take a photo to prove it.  This clue will be worth 325 points!

cary scavenger hunt

Do a little research and see if you know where you can find the Mustangs. Then drive over there and see if you can find a mustang to prove you were there! You could be on your way to winning….

Sponsors Are Important in the Hunt Too

Our sponsors also play an important role in the Cary Scavenger Hunt. Without them, the Hunt couldn’t take place. Pay attention to these guys, cause you may earn some points along the way.

We’d also like to thank some additional businesses who have come on board to be our event sponsors since our first event announcement:

10% off Ends July 31

There’s only a few days left of special July pricing on our team registration. Form your team today and we’ll see you Saturday September 21, 2013 at the Historic Page-Walker Arts & History Center in Cary.

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Cary Scavenger Hunt: 10% Off in July

cary scavenger huntCary, NC – The 4th Annual Cary Scavenger Hunt is coming on Saturday, September 21, 2013. Here are some highlights and hints about this iconic Cary event, plus a 10% discount for registration in July.

2013 Cary Scavenger Hunt

As in scavenger hunts past, you’ll drive around town solving clues about places, people and things in Cary. You’ll collect souvenirs and amass points. The teams (Family and Adult) with the most points get prizes.

But everyone’s a winner, because the Cary Scavenger Hunt is really about an adventure in your own backyard.

Different Location Every Year

The first year we have held the Hunt at Koka Booth Amphitheatre to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

The second year we gave our teams a sneak peek of The Cary Arts Center before its official grand opening.

Last year we brought our crowd to the new Waverly Place  as new tenants were just starting to fill the space.

This September, we will base operations at the Historic Page-Walker Arts & History Center, thanks to our hosting sponsor, the Town of Cary and presenting sponsor Atlantic Tire.

For more history of the event, visit

Drive a New Fiat for a Day

One of our favorite twists that was added in year two was our partnership with Hendrick FIAT of the Cary Auto Mall. This will be the third year that they allow 4 teams to drive all day in four of their brand new cars. This year they have a new 4 door model (but we will tell you more on that in another post).

Stay tuned and we’ll tell you how to drive a new Fiat on the 2013 Hunt.

Be Efficient! From Start to Finish

The day starts with check-in at the site, when teams receive their T-Shirts. You wear these while zooming around town. Bags containing our official cluebooks are dispersed to everyone at once, and teams take off at 9:30am.

Clue questions will literally take everyone to the four corners of Cary. A good map, GPS, smart phone or laptop is helpful to make the best use of time. All teams return to Page-Walker by 1:30pm.


Strategy is Part of the Game

On average we have included 60 clues each year. Some clues are near each other, and most demand an efficient idea of where you are in Cary so that you move quickly from area to area.

Cary Scavenger Hunt clues are all worth different points. Places that are far away are worth more points. Clues that are close together have less point values, but are easier to collect.

10% Off in July

More than a dozen teams have already signed up for the September 21st event.

Last month, we gave 20% off for early birds. This month, we’re giving 10% off. In August and September, there will be no discounts.

Visit the Cary Scavenger Hunt registration page for more details.