Cary Scavenger Hunt: Recap in Pictures

The 2014 cary Scavenger Hunt Teams before they departed from Page-Walker on Sept 13

Cary, NC — CaryCitizen held the 5th annual Cary Scavenger Hunt Saturday September 13, 2014 and the rainy forecast did not dampen our spirits. An early call for a move to Town Hall made sure our booths and teams were dry for the afternoon festivities and awards.

Hal Goodtree, CaryCitizen publisher, gives teams last minute info at the start

Morning at Page-Walker

We started the day at Page-Walker Arts and History Center as intended.The morning included a swift check-in with our volunteers as well as muffins from Carolina Cafe and coffee from our friends at Capital Coffee. Everyone received the 2014 edition of our t-shirts, which some wits called ”predictably beige.”

After all teams checked in, everyone gathered together for the official event photo and to hear last minute rules and admonishments from our publisher, Hal Goodtree. That’s when the skies decided to open with a shower. Teams raced for their clue bags and quickly departed at 9:30am.

Teams departing in the rain

Afternoon at Town Hall

Cary Town staff had already set up afternoon activities to take place inside Cary Town Hall after weather forecasts predicted an 80% chance of rain for much of the day. The 2013 event also finished at Town Hall. While conditions are a bit loud, Town Hall did provide cover so that our electronic scoring and sound system were safely dry.

One added bonus: our teams were able to check out two town facilities in one day!

The finish area at Town Hall

Top Score

This year we had trophies for the top three teams in each category: Family Teams and Adult Teams. The top score was over 11,000 points – the highest score ever! That first place score was awarded to a team that has competed in every Cary Scavenger Hunt since we began producing them in 2010. Congratulations to team Riddle E Racers!

Lowest Score Wins Too

We also had a prize for the team with the absolute lowest score of all, Team T4, with only 340 points. A last minute change in family plans prevented them from being able to reach many of the clue destinations. But never fear- they got a really nice prize. They will enjoy four tickets to the Cary Downtown Food Tour offered by Triangle Food Tours. Better luck next time folks!

Here’s our top finishers:

Family Team Winners with a score of 9920.

2nd place Family Team

3rd Place Family team

Family Teams

  1. The Fireman and His Three Swift Steeds –9920 points
  2. Team Zippy–9875 points
  3. The Luques League– 9800 points

Team Riddle e_Racers won with a score of 11,045 points

2nd place Adult Team

3rd Place Adult Team, who also drove a FIAT for the day. They were also the first place team in 2012.

Adult Teams

  1. Riddle e-Racers–11,045 points
  2. Connor’s Caboodle 2– 10,890 points
  3. Cary Me Away– 10,770 points

Look HERE for all team scores. The 2014 scores will remain live for a few months, until we begin preparing for 2015.

In addition to the trophies, which all included cash prizes, we had 15 different raffles including an iPad from Campbell University and a set of Michelin Tires donated by presenting sponsor, Atlantic Tire & Service. Teams enjoyed food, beer and activities provided by over 20 different booths at the finish.

Cary Invasion cheerleaders on stage

The Cary Invasion basketball team’s cheerleaders and mascot were on hand to get the crowd motivated and raffled off tickets to some games for their upcoming 2014-2015 season.

Councilman Jack Smith and Peggy Van Scoyac score some teams

Our newest improvement to this year’s event was electronic scoring which sped up judging and allowed teams to not only see their scores as soon as they were tallied, but also to compare how they did against the field. 50″ TV monitors flanked the stage, and teams were also able to access scored on their mobile devices.

rachel baransky

Of course nothing would have been possible without the generous sponsors who willingly allowed teams to storm into their businesses, looking for clues or who created fun booths that made the finish area so much fun.

Graceful Expression s dance had children's activities



good times w sheila



The event was a huge success largely because of our army of capable volunteers. These included: our celebrity judging panel, two great morning and afternoon check-in teams, prize award assistance, and team management.  Lastly, we’d like to thank our friends at Populate Productions, who handled all the operations and behind the scenes work to keep everyone happy.

Angela Slater and Jason Fisher of Populate Productions

Looking Ahead to 2015

We look forward to another great event in 2015, and will keep you posted in the new year as a date is set. If you work for a company that does “team building” events, we think The Cary Scavenger Hunt would be an excellent fit. Contact Lindsey Chester  if you would like to be involved with our next Cary Scavenger Hunt, or to help you run an event like it for your town. We will be actively seeking to partner with companies that want to sponsor teams for their employees.


Story by Lindsey Chester, Executive Producer of the Cary Scavenger Hunt. Photos by Brooke Meyer.

Meet The Celebrity Judges

Doc Thorne and Joy Pike judging teams in 2012.

Doc Thorne and Joy Pike judging teams in 2012.

Cary, NC — The Cary Scavenger Hunt has many excellent ways to connect with your community, but one of the most fun is who you meet when your scores are tallied. We employ Cary Celebrities. Really.

Celebrity Judges

This is the 5th year that CaryCitizen has produced the Cary Scavenger Hunt, and the 4th year we have employed some of Cary’s  famous faces to help with the task of scoring our teams’ efforts.  We would like to take a moment to introduce you to these illustrious folks. If you have signed up to be a part of our adventure, you will meet them in person. You’ll be glad you did!

Our Judges include Mayors, Police Chiefs, presidents of non-profit organizations, and directors of Town of Cary departmental staff.

judge room-cropped

Meet the Judges:

  • Doc Thorne- owner of the Cary Invasion basketball team, long time Downtown advocate and past Heart of Cary President
  • Kris Carmichael- Director of Page-Walker Arts and History Center
  • Peggy Van Scoyoc- Historian, author of Just a Horse Stopping Place, and Desegregating Cary
  • Marla Dorrel- former Town Council member and head of the Kids Together organization that built the park of the same name
  • Carlotta Ungaro- Morrisville Chamber of Commerce president
  • Glenda Westbrook- co-owner of Cary Pottery and VP of Westbrook Associates, real estate development company
  • Pat Bazemore- Cary’s Chief of Police
  • Jack Smith- current town council member, who is serving his serving his seventh term in this position representing District C.
  • Elizabeth Parker- Marketing director for the Matthews House in Downtown Cary
  • Doug Mc Rainey- Town of Cary’s Director of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources Department
  • Sarah Preston-Performing Arts/Operations Coordinator
  • Rachel Baranski- Town of Cary’s Youth Theatre Coordinator
  • Don Hamilton- Captain in the Town of Cary’s Criminal Investigation Unit
  • Susanne Portonova- House Manager & Program Assistant for the Cary Arts Center
  • Howard Manning- president of Dorcas Ministries
  • Joy Ennis- Downtown Theatre and Events Supervisor
  • Denise Russo- Heart of Cary Association Board member
  • Mary Davis Wallace- Cary Visual Art director
  • Mark Stohlman- Town of Morrisville Mayor
Councilwoman Lori Bush and Mayor Harold Weinbrecht are competing again. Think you can beat them?

Councilwoman Lori Bush and Mayor Harold Weinbrecht are competing again. Think you can beat them?

High-Octane Competition

Cary’s own mayor will be competing on a team again this year alongside council member Lori Bush. They will challenge a team that includes another Town Council member, Ed Yerha.. Think you can beat these folks? People did last year, that’s why they are back to try to take the title. Maybe you could win instead?


We would like to thank some other volunteers that you will also meet during the day when you check in. Thees folks are the back bone of MANY Cary events, and they graciously have joined CaryCitizen again this year to lend a helping hand.

Bright and early on event day morning you will be greeted by Barbara and Phil Shepherd. You may know them from the Sister Cities Organization (they created the Beer Garden at Lazy Daze) and both serve on numerous other advisory boards. David Lindquist is the current chair of Parks Recreation and Cultural arts advisory board, and is an accomplished singer with the Concert Singers of Cray. Vicki Scoggins Johnson of Morrisville’s Town Council will be checking you in during the morning.

Teams returning from their adventures in 2013

Teams returning from their adventures in 2013

In the afternoon, our staff includes Joy Pike and her husband Dan, who are consummate volunteers, serving on the Heart of Cary Association, and on the Festivals committees that produce Lazy Daze, Spring Daze and Ole Time Winter Festival. They will be keeping you in line this  year! They are joined by Ian Henshaw of the Tech Tank Force Renee Groom and Husband Larry of Heart of Cary and Avon cosmetics among other groups. We have even recruited our accountant, David Prins of Mindful Financial to help us this year.

Live Scoring by Wake Robotics

And the piece de resistance- we have live scoring will be provided thanks to software created exclusively by Wake Robotics.   The group will be on hand to assist with any technical difficulties. But we know scoring will go faster than ever and teams will be able to see how they did immediately, and compare their results with other teams in a scrolling leaderbaord that can be viewed from monitors on site as well as mobile devices. we will keep the scores live til NEXT YEAR!

So what are you waiting for? Come join the fun- your adventure awaits!


Cary Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, September 13, 2014


The Cary Scavenger Hunt: What Do You Win?

September 2, 2014 | Story by: | Categories: Community, Events, Featured, Scavenger Hunt

Trophies full of cash for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams

Cary, NC- It’s now only 2 weeks away: the 5th annual Cary Scavenger Hunt, and we have ramped up the fun once again.

Teams will compete in two categories:

What will Teams Win?

Each Category will have first, second and third place winners.  Each will win trophies along with varying amounts of cold hard cash!

  • First place teams win $250
  • Second place teams win $100
  • Third place teams win $50 (or basically win back their entry fee)

The Losers Wine Too

And there’s the prize for the absolute LOWEST score. That’s a certificate for the 4 team members to enjoy a day of the Triangle Food Tour’s tour of downtown Cary.

We figure maybe they need a little help learning about Cary.

More Ways To Win

These are the top competitive prizes, but there’s more to the fun than just winning top honors.

Many of our sponsors have been so generous. They have donated many cool raffle prizes that ANY SINGLE team member may win. Each team member can enter free raffles during our finish line party at the end of the day.

There is the super raffle prize of a set of Michelin Tires from presenting sponsor Atlantic Tire & Service. Campbell University has donated an Apple iPad. Great Harvest Bread Company is giving away bread for a year. Whisk Carolina is raffling a sushi making tool.

Register your team for the Hunt

Fun at The Finish

We won’t deny that winning the grand prizes aren’t easy, but everyone can have fun during the day. You will learn a lot about the town you call home. You will meet our celebrity judges, and many cool Cary businesses during the day. And we throw a party!

Teams will race around town and come back to Page-Walker at 1:30pm to a party. There will be food vendors and fun activities to keep teams occupied while scores are tallied. Everything is FREE. Your registration price covers everything for the entire day. Breakfast in the morning, food and beverages in the afternoon, and free raffle tickets to enter our raffles.

Come on! Register for the biggest adventure in Cary! Don’t be left clueless on Saturday September 13! Your adventure awaits!

Event Info

The 2014 Cary Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, Sept 13 2014

Page-Walker Arts and History Center, and all around town
Check in between 8:30-9:30am
Return 1:30 for our party
Winners announced at 3:00pm


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Drive a Fiat 4-Door at the Cary Scavenger Hunt


Cary, NC — How would you like to test drive a sporty Fiat 4-door for an entire day? If you are registered for the Cary Scavenger Hunt by Saturday, August 16,  your team will be entered to drive one of these darling vehicles (pictured above) during our event.  The cars will be loaded up with full tanks of gas and offer plenty of room for a team of up to 5 people, with a roomy hatchback trunk too!

Alfa Romeo Joins Fiat in Cary

Hendrick Fiat is the #1 seller of Fiats in the Carolinas and opened in the Cary Auto Mall in March 2011. The dealership is so successful that Alfa Romeo, an Italian luxury car maker, has awarded the Cary dealership the rights to sell their high-end vehicles. This will be the only location in North Carolina where Alfa Romeos can be purchased.

Alfa Romeo reviewed sales volume, overall guest experience and locations before determining that Hendrick Fiat would be awarded the franchise. The signs went up on July 23, to make the deal official, and the new vehicles will be arriving on the lot during August.


Drive the Fiat 500L for a Day

Teams won’t be driving these Alfa Romeos (this year…), but will drive a four-door FIAT 500L.  Here’s the requirements to be included in the drawing:

  • Register for the Cary Scavenger Hunt by Saturday August 16 at 5:00pm
  • Be over age 18
  • Have proper collision coverage on your auto insurance policy
  • Then wait for us to contact you via email or phone to alert you that your team has been selected.

We have 16 teams registered already, but we expect 100 teams on event day. Be one of the lucky few getting getting a great ride, free gas and new car smell the whole day!

Drivers can pick up keys at morning check-in and be ready to have a great experience all day.

Event Info

Cary Scavenger Hunt
Sat., September 13, 2014

Page-Walker Arts and History Center
119 Ambassador Loop
Downtown Cary

Check-in starts at 8:30am, teams depart at 9:30am. All teams must return by 1:30pm.

Register by August 16 to be in the running to drive a new Fiat 500L in the Cary Scavenger Hunt.


Story and picture by Lindsey Chester. This story previously appeared on

What’s A Clue?

July 1, 2014 | Story by: | Categories: Featured, Scavenger Hunt

past cluebooks have yielded lots of answers in the Cary Scavenger Hunt adventure

Cary, NC- By now you may have seen posters around town, or flyers promoting our Cary Scavenger Hunt at your favorite local businesses. You may be wondering “what is the Cary Scavenger Hunt?” Or “What sorts of clues are people hunting for during the event?”

Glad you asked. There are three main types of clues that teams will be tasked with finding.

What Makes a Clue?

In order to get credit for visiting various sites around town, our judges will need proof that you and your teammates actually visited the locations that the clues hint about. Some clue answers will be local businesses, some will encompass Cary’s public art placements, others will involve trivia about historical places or facts, and still others will test our teams’ knowledge of the greenway and park system.

You get the idea. No one is an expert at EVERYTHING. Well, almost no one. We at CaryCitizen pride ourselves on knowing a lot about Cary, and what we don’t know, we have experts to help us. People like Lyman Collins, the Cultural Arts Manager for the Town of Cary, and Brent Miller president of The Friends of Page-Walker, and Kris Carmicheal, Page-Walker Supervisor and lots of others town celebrities willing to lend a hand. They also help us judge the teams answers at the finish line.

The Three Types of Clues

Most answers fall into three categories: team photos, bringing back an item, or filling an answer in the book. That’s right, everyone gets an official Clue Book  (one per team) on the morning of the event. It serves as the official guide to all things Cary Scavenger Hunt.

1. Take A Team Photo

A question that requires a team photo, means just that. The whole team must be in the photo, at the correct location, wearing their 2014 Cary Scavenger Hunt t-shirts. You may have to ask a friendly stranger to snap that photo, or if you are great at taking “selfies” that will suffice. The judges will score based on whether you got the location correct and if everyone is in the photo. teams are strictly NOT allowed to “divide and conquer” the cluebook to beat the time. Teams MUST stay together. Heck, its more fun that way!

2. Bring Back an Item

Some clues will require teams to visit a location and collect something there. Maybe a bottle of sauce, or a rock,who knows? The judges will ask the teams to produce that item in order to be awarded points.

3. Fill In an Answer

Other clues will test your knowledge by requiring teams to visit a location and learn something, then fill in an answer in the space provided in the book. It may be a person’s name,  a date, a number or an interesting fact they find.

Then There’s “Miscellaneous Clues”

Still other clues may require teams to have some paper and pencils to make a rubbing of a plaque or to make something and bring it back.

The whole point of the Cary Scavenger Hunt is to get a little outside of your comfort zone, and go discover what the Town of Cary has to offer. All clues require that teams physically visit the locations, not simply answer from memory. We want you to see and learn about town during this one day adventure.

Teams have from 9:30am until 1:30pm to trek to as many of the 60+ clues as they can. It CAN be done- we have had teams that have answered nearly every question in our book in one day. You can do it too!

What are you waiting for?  Sign up today and start watching our facebook page for helpful hints to “get you in the game”

Event Info

The 5th Annual Cary Scavenger Hunt

Saturday September 13, from 9am check in til 3:00pm winners announced

Page-Walker Arts and History center (and beyond!)

Teams of four $49.00

Sign up here